Universal Extendable Telescopic Net Curtain Voile Tension / Spring Rods Net Curtain Rail Pole


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This Universal net curtain range is ideal for all net curtains and voiles.

A solution for hanging net curtains , can be found here. Whether you want to fix with no fittings and tension , or have stronger oval metal rods, they are all on this listing .

Ready to hang
Complete with instructions

Suitable for light weight fabrics.


Net Rod: These small rods are fitted by a small screw hook , and  the hook needs to screw into a surface.

Net Rod End Brackets: 1 Pair of Self adhesive end brackets  for use on Net rods

Net Rod Centre Brackets: 1 Pair of Self adhesive centre brackets   for use on Net rods


Twist and Fit Tension rod: These round metal tension rods twist out to required length and work by Tension, so no fixing or screws are supplied.


Spring Loaded Tension Rod: These are Extendable Oval metal that work by tension and have a spring mechanism in the back of the rod to enable a secure fix, these do not use screws to fit.  Measure approx 1cm x 2cm in an oval shape.


Net Wire: Simple white coated spring wire for the traditional net curtain hanging solution, complete with hooks and eyes, thee eyes need to be screwed into a surface.

Can be used for tab top voile’s that slide straight onto the rod.

All measurements are approximate and not exact.


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